Mood Pad

Mood Pad is the best simulation of a heat sensitive pad available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Run your fingers over the screen and watch the screen swirl with color. Lift your hand and watch the colors smoothly fade away.
  • Nine unique color themes let you create fantastical designs to fit your mood
  • Options for sensitivity and fade-away speed give you full control
  • Turn fade off to create amazing designs
  • Quickly pause to show your friends
  • Easily wipe away old designs with the push of a button
  • Save your Pad by pressing Home and Sleep simultaneously

Smooth and responsive graphics make Mood Pad feel ultra-realistic.

Entertainment for all ages.

Five-Star Reviews

:) love the update!!!
by The Bandee
I like making original designs with my own color schemes :) it was a FABLUOUS idea :) Also, the drawings I make turn out to be interesting backgrounds :)

Hella tight
by John Lordly
One of my favorite apps! Keep up the good work. =D

Great Application
by bluelizard88
Definitely fun to play with when you've got nothing to do. The different color patterns are cool and I like how you can keep the shapes from fading. Great job!

by Andyrc
This is a fun little app to play with. Its got a few options for changing colors and sensitivity, fade, etc. I thought it was pretty entertaining. I'd say it's a keeper!

by App lover1246831
A cute entertaining app! Simple fun and easy to use. And it's free :) Well done app creators!