Bridges (Hashi)

An addictive puzzle game known around the world as Hashi, Chopsticks, Hashiwokakero, and Ai-Ki-Ai.

So easy to pick up, you'll learn the rules in seconds. With 30,000 unique puzzles, you'll never put it down. Play the puzzle many have called a Sudoku killer!

  • Intuitive touch based controls.
  • 30,000 puzzles with 3 board sizes 7x7, 9x9, 11x11.
  • Unique solution to each puzzle.
  • Get Achievements for completing puzzles. Tweet your achievements and compete with friends!
  • Autosave lets you resume games right where you left off.

Special Thanks to Matt Gemmell for his MGTwitterEngine library.

Five-Star Reviews

Nice game!
by Timbo88
It's simple to play, starts very easy and gets more difficult as you play and increase the grid size. I'm enjoying this different type of game- can't go wrong for only a buck!

Great Puzzler
by djm89
Polished, well made, puzzle game. 7x7 was a little easy, but 9x9 and 11x11 are a good challenge. Can't go wrong, it's free.

like it!
by k311ymarie
Catchy little game. Definitely addictive. Nice addition to my iphone game collection.